Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Newly Wedded Bliss!

So.. .. my first blog!

I never thought I would ever blog, and I am excited to start, I just need to work out how it all works now!

I heard about blogging last week through a friend, who I hadn’t realised had been blogging for a while, then whilst at her leaving party on Saturday night I discovered some more of my friends blog, so I thought that I would give it ago.

I have recently got married, July 2nd of this year, which was the BEST DAY. I can honestly say that since our Wedding I feel so much more settled, secure and generally very content. We had the most fabulous day EVER which was surprising given the amount of things that could have gone wrong on the day and the very stressful build up, you cant choose your family hey! And even the sun was shining, which seemed to be very rare during the months of June and July this year. We went to Mexico on Honeymoon which was amazing. We really did enjoy every minute of our Wedding day and Honeymoon. After nearly six years together (next month), getting married just felt PERFECT!

So after the Wedding comes settling back into ‘newly wedded bliss’ I think that’s what people call it?? I think all the stress and the build up to our Wedding and with it having been being planned for a good 18 months I found myself suddenly not knowing what to do with myself. We got back from honeymoon and Squidge went straight back to working late’s, so that was very odd not seeing him and we found ourselves bickering. .. over what I cant remember now! We generally don’t argue, so to bicker and go for the first few weeks of married life, was slightly worrying to say the least!!! Remind me to blog one day about the day after our Wedding. …  in all serious’nuss now everything has calmed down and the Wedding now seems like a distant memory, unless you walk into our lounge which wherever you look is a photo, 17 I think Squidge counted (I think he exaggerated!) O and our spare room which has my dress hung up and put out display with everything else Wedding related up there, I think I speak for us both when I say were back to being ‘Lay and Squidge’ again, we have reached that ‘newly wedded bliss’ bit (thank the Lord!) I love being married, it is the best.

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  1. Welcome to blogging lay, so glad you are on here.

    Your post is just lovely, wedding enjoy every moment hun, wedding photo your house up as much as you like, it's just a perfect reminder of your perfect day, lovely. Your wedding photo is just lushious.

    I didn't realise squidge did late's, Darr is often out too, usually on his bike though, it's his release after work so I don't blame him.

    Enjoy blogging sweetie, Luv Bee x x x