Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Unlucky or Just Clumsy?

Well the last week has been a little um. .. eventful to say the least, the dishwasher and the washing machine packed up within 24 hours of each other, my tyres seemed to sprout wires out of them, one of my pairs of work trousers broke and I seemed to be in to smashing anything and everything glass on our kitchen floor. .. brilliant! O and I started a new diet yesterday which I broke by having a Chinese for dinner last night, thinking I would try harder today which went down hill fast as I scoffed a bloody lovely jam sandwich for my lunch, I’m not sure I will loose any weight this week. Personally I blame the weather for my naughty’nuss it has been ever so cold, I have really felt the difference in temperature this week. In fact today I am wearing socks and my shoe boots, I think it is time to perhaps put the flip flops away till next year.

In other news, I stayed in on Saturday night. I have to be honest, I loved it. As much as I have thoroughly enjoyed the last few weekends out and about, I did love having an early bath and staying in, in the warm, snuggled up with hubby but most importantly waking up fresh as a daisy ready to go and watch the football on Sunday morning. Sunday League football is brilliant, not so much the actual football but the action on the side of the pitch, seriously I reckon Men are worse than women for bitching and arguing. .. Priceless!

I am also seriously considering coming off Facebook. .. Gasp! I never thought I would seriously consider it. There are many reasons really. .. the first being, I only ever now use my phone to look at it as it seems to have changed its layout ‘again!’ when I use our laptop and I cant bare it and secondly well there isn’t a secondly or anymore reasons come to think of it, I just thought I would try it. I think I am going to do it as of the 1st of October. .. I wonder how Hubby would feel about us having a joint one. .. just so I can look at everyone’s photos! Ha! I’m not sure how I will get on. .. tragically I imagine and I will be logged back on by the 3rd with a million status updates about me “going to bed because I’m tired” or saying that “I am not drinking again!”

Anyway, I don’t have much else to report this week, although I am looking forward to a Take Out night with some good friends on Saturday night (o dear, there goes the diet AGAIN!) I am amazed that we got invited back after our last trip over there, where Squidge chucked beer all over their brand new sofa when their dog (new puppy at the time, but with the longest legs in the world)  jumped up at him and Tra and I broke the downstairs toilet door handle and I may have just left it placed hanging on the door until the next person went to use it. .. eeeeek! Mind you it has been a good 18 months!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Newly Wedded Bliss!

So.. .. my first blog!

I never thought I would ever blog, and I am excited to start, I just need to work out how it all works now!

I heard about blogging last week through a friend, who I hadn’t realised had been blogging for a while, then whilst at her leaving party on Saturday night I discovered some more of my friends blog, so I thought that I would give it ago.

I have recently got married, July 2nd of this year, which was the BEST DAY. I can honestly say that since our Wedding I feel so much more settled, secure and generally very content. We had the most fabulous day EVER which was surprising given the amount of things that could have gone wrong on the day and the very stressful build up, you cant choose your family hey! And even the sun was shining, which seemed to be very rare during the months of June and July this year. We went to Mexico on Honeymoon which was amazing. We really did enjoy every minute of our Wedding day and Honeymoon. After nearly six years together (next month), getting married just felt PERFECT!

So after the Wedding comes settling back into ‘newly wedded bliss’ I think that’s what people call it?? I think all the stress and the build up to our Wedding and with it having been being planned for a good 18 months I found myself suddenly not knowing what to do with myself. We got back from honeymoon and Squidge went straight back to working late’s, so that was very odd not seeing him and we found ourselves bickering. .. over what I cant remember now! We generally don’t argue, so to bicker and go for the first few weeks of married life, was slightly worrying to say the least!!! Remind me to blog one day about the day after our Wedding. …  in all serious’nuss now everything has calmed down and the Wedding now seems like a distant memory, unless you walk into our lounge which wherever you look is a photo, 17 I think Squidge counted (I think he exaggerated!) O and our spare room which has my dress hung up and put out display with everything else Wedding related up there, I think I speak for us both when I say were back to being ‘Lay and Squidge’ again, we have reached that ‘newly wedded bliss’ bit (thank the Lord!) I love being married, it is the best.